The Northwest Territory Olympic Cottage Tent

 If you are an avid camper then you know how important having the right kind of gear can be when you set off to enjoy your camping trip. If you are not an avid camper, then make sure you have all of the necessary equipment you need before leaving or else you may find yourself having a miserable time instead of the fun you were looking for when you planned your camping trip. One of the essentials of camping is having a good and dry place to sleep and many campers today still prefer tent camping to using other methods such as a motorhome. The Northwest Territory Olympic Cottage Tent is perfect for those who enjoy tent camping but also enjoy a little luxury as well.

 You will get a feel for how spacious these value-laden tents are when you read customer reviews. “We were able to fit three queen sized air mattresses side by side, with room still to walk around!” exclaims one happy buyer. Other campers note that the tents hold a bevy of other things, including microwaves, collapsible tables and chairs, space heaters, suitcases and so on.

With this tent, you save yourself from a lot of these hassles. It sleeps up to ten people comfortably and even has a dividing curtain to separate the tent into separate rooms to provide some privacy. Even if you don’t have ten people sleeping in your tent, you can always use the divider curtain to separate your sleeping area from your storage of clothes and other things.

 Another important consideration when choosing a tent is making sure that the tent will hold up well in rains and storms. Owners of the Northwest Territory Olympic Cottage tent report that these tents are tough enough to take all that Mother Nature can dish out.

Northwest Territory Camping Tents

Buyers will also want to consider how easy the tent is to set up. Most campers using Northwest Territory Olympic Cottage tents report that the tent is indeed a cinch to set up. “I am a single woman,” says one camper, “and I have assembled it many times by myself.”

Organization is important in camping as well and luckily this tent is designed to help with that. It provides two closets at the rear of the tent as well as a hanging shelf, two cup holders, a pouch for electrical cord access, a hanging organizer closet and more.

 Before setting off on your family camping trip, make sure you look into the Northwest Territory Olympic Cottage tent. People who have this tent have left wonderful reviews about its durability, comfort, space, organizational accessories and overall look. Camping is about fun and nature, why not make it about comfort as well?


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